1. How does Zero Dirt Work?

We take the burden of cleaning off your shoulders and let you focus on more important things like- spending time with family, finishing up that project, going to the gym, watching TV and sleep!

Our platform allows you to conveniently book, schedule and manage your cleaning appointments online at the click of a button ("button"- link to booking page). We show up and clean till there's Zero Dirt!

2. What is the Deep Clean Rotation System?

Our deep clean rotation system, is unlike any other in the industry!

When you choose to schedule recurring cleanings with us, not only do you get juicy discounts, we also activate the Deep Clean Rotation System (this is applicable for weekly and bi-weekly cleans), which ensures that you get a deep clean at every visit we make.

We clean all areas of the house and intensively deep clean one room. On our next visit, we clean all areas of the house and deep clean another room. This cycle is continued throughout your engagement with us!

3. Do I need to be home while you clean?

That's entirely up to you!

Before we show up, we will place a call to get entry instructions from you. So, you may choose to hide your key somewhere, or have someone let us in. If you are a recurring customer, we create special locking system that only you and our manager have access to (contact us to find out how this works)

4. How many cleaners should I expect at my home?

Depending on the size of the house and cleaning service selected, we would send between 1-3 cleaners to service your home.

5. Are my possessions safe while you clean?

Yes! Our cleaners are trained to handle all your possessions with care.

Zero Dirt is also duly insured against any damage and/or loss that might occur during our cleaning. In the unlikely event an item is reported damaged or missing please notify us within 24 hours via email at clean@zerodirt.com.ng or phone 0902-143-4328

6. What if I have pets?

We love pets!

However, while we are around we would need you to keep them secure and out of our way so we can focus on cleaning your space. Also note that for health and safety reasons, our cleaners will not clean animal droppings at your site.

7. Do I need to have cleaning supplies and equipment?

Absolutely not!

We bring all the cleaning supplies and equipment we need to clean your space, and leave yours untouched.

If you have special supplies you would like us to use, kindly leave these out for your cleaner to have easy access to.

8. Can I make special cleaning requests not listed on the website?

Yes you can!

Send us an email at clean@zerodirt.com.ng or call us at 0902-143-4328 and we would prepare a special quote to suit your cleaning needs

9. What are your cleaning hours?

We clean daily from 9am to 6pm, Mondays to Sundays. Earlier times will be arranged for Office/Commercial space cleaning.

10. What is the Zero Dirt guarantee?

We guarantee Zero Dirt on all surfaces cleaned at our visits. If you are unsatisfied with an area we cleaned, let us know and we would be happy to revisit at no extra cost.

11. What can I do with my user account?

Your user account allows you to view your orders, the cleaners assigned to you and most importantly to track the progress of your cleaning in real-time.

12. How do I pay for my cleaning?

You can pay online using your debit/credit card, or pay on delivery with cash or POS.

If you setup a recurring cleaning with us, we would encourage you to setup a direct debit on your account which attracts a discount and takes away the stress and hassles of payment

13. What does a one-off and recurring clean entail?

One- off: We do a general clean with mild deep clean of dirt-prone areas

Recurring: We activate our Deep Clean Rotation System which does an intensive deep clean of all areas that we clean over the period of your cleaning cycle with us.

14. Do you offer discounts on cleaning?

We offer discounts on recurring cleaning- weekly and bi-weekly.

15. What type of cleaning products do you use?

We use a combination of green and traditional cleaning products. We use green products on sensitive areas such as fridge interiors and kitchen counter tops, thus keeping harmful chemicals from your sensitive items. Traditional cleaning products are used on majority of the surfaces we clean

16. How do I get a quote for the cleaning of my office / commercial location?

Its easy!

You can either call us (0902-143-4328) or fill out the quote form on our office cleaning page. A Zero Dirt representative will contact you within 24 hours to provide you with an estimate. If that estimate sounds reasonable, we will then schedule a short site visit in order to finalize that quote.